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Custom Ironwork at it's best ! Scott Hamlin The Eagle Watch Photo
Below are a series of images uploaded to illustrate the time, devotion and talent that went into creating this piece of art.
If you have any questions about the piece, what it means or open discussion please contact me by email.
If you would like to express your interest in acquiring or otherwise purchasing this piece of art
please use the Expression of interest form on this web site by clicking here
Sketch I

When funding attempts failed the project began to take shape self-funded via Scotian Ironworks. These funding attempts resulted in drawings to help conceptualize a rendering of how the project would take shape.

[right] First sketch that illustrated spirit. Drawn during historic White Jaun (blizzard) and considered symbolic for Scott to begin -next on to the forge.

Concept Art I

Various visual aids were incorporated in the design of the piece. Shaughan Williams provided this image which became the model for the great detail that would later appear in the Eagle's wing designs.



Phase I

Several months later the first stage in the actual building of the project began - the head! Scott recalls this stage of the design critical in importance as the Eagle's expression here had to to be just right to convey the message.


Phase I

Seven years prior a stuffed eagle, provided by Acadia University, became one of the three dimensional pieces which inspired Scott to craft the sculpture based upon. The stuffed eagle's powerful beak became a great focal point. Numerous measurements resulted in the precise recreation of detail.


Phase I I

An iron construct of the body is formed.


Phase I I I

The wing design begins to take shape.


Phase I I I

Feather after iron feather is crafted and carefully inserted into the piece.

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