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12 years a vision ; a world on it's axis ; an artist's forge
My name is Scott Hamlin and I have been a Blacksmith for 20 years. Approximately 12 years ago I had a vision of a Bald Eagle holding a Maple Leaf in it's talons. The bird was sitting on a perch and had very little interest in what it was holding.
I am a believer and feel that this vision was sent for a reason, however, at that point in my career I did not have the ability to make such a project . I started to angle my commission work to teach the techniques required to build such a project. My first project came along shortly after the original conception of the idea. It was a Great Blue Heron. It took me about three years to finish. I had to conceive and build specialized tools all through is creation and these solutions didn't pop into my head over night. Sometimes the solution would come months after the problem presented itself.
The second project that was directly related to the vision was the request for a Great Horned Owl. I chose to place the Owl an a perch very similar to the pose of the Eagle. The owl had very few actual forged pieces as it is mainly body. The talons and the beak are the only solid pieces on it.
There was a bit of time from the completion of the Owl project to the start of the Eagle and the Maple Leaf. In between these points, September 11th happened.
Artist & Blacksmith
Scott Hamlin
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